Where Americans Go For Their News

Who watches CNN? Who watches FOX? Who would like to watch me dance in the subway? All these questions are answered in this video! Also: WATCH MANY SOURCES OF NEWS, PEOPLE. It is the only way to get an inkling into the truth in today’s over-saturated media market.

#WakeUpCall: More Narcissists, This Time Using Syrian Kids. Nice.

For the love of god, leave the kids in Syria out of your fucking ego fest, people!

What Americans Actually Know About ISIS

NO, I did not select only a certain type of person for this clip. This is a fair pooling of exactly who was in Times Square on this evening. It’s a crazy, crazy world we live in, where unthinkable acts of evil can be going on in one place, while in another, naked, painted women waltz around selling you stuff. This is the world we’ve created.

Sacred Selfies: Narcissists Invade Our Places of Worship

Seriously, how narcissistic can you be, people?!

Guess How Many Times Obama’s Terror Alert System Has Sounded


You guys, we have so much to be terrified of. Just ask President Obama. He’ll tell you terrorists are everywhere, and they’re all coming for us! Which makes it extremely strange that his terrorism alert system has NEVER ONCE sent out an alert. EVER.


Fuck You, Ello!

Sorry to be crass, but MAN I am so sick of repeating myself on this one. Inorganic, inauthentic digital communication is causing major breakdowns in how we relate to one another, and that’s fucking up society. Please, no more social networks! This means YOU, Ello!

Americans Shocked Their Govt Has Ebola Patent

I had a lot of fun with this, but in all seriousness: my heart breaks for those affected by this outbreak. I hope it ends soon.

Why the US is Sitting on Ebola Vaccines


I keep harping on the US’ involvement in the current, growing Ebola outbreak, but it’s not because I’m a conspiracy theorist. It’s because all these crazy stories keep coming out about how the US has handled the virus over the years.


How Americans Actually Feel About Bombing Syria

Man, I love talking to people on the street. Sure, they say crazy things, but that’s the good part: it reminds me that we’re all human, walking around in our own chemical brain soup, capable of laughing and forming weird thoughts. Living in an overpopulated area, you tend to forget that the things you just want to move out of your way on the sidewalk or on the train are actually people – wonderful, amazing, insane, flawed, living, breathing people.

Crazy New Evidence Palin Was Right About Death Panels


Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel was one of the architects of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. He presumes to be interested in preserving life, which is why it seemed outrageous when Sarah Palin accused him of wanting to create death panels. That was him – he was the death-panel guy. But it turns out, Palin might have been more right about Ezekiel’s intentions than the country gave her credit for.


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