Preaching to MY Choir

Every day, the TV, the Internet, everyone we KNOW tries to convince us that THEY are right. THEIR views are TRUTH, and it’s exhausting. Can I get an amen?

They’re so sure their views come correct, that they refuse to listen to any ideas that challenge them. They stop themselves from growing, and it’s exhausting! Can I get an amen?


I Found Hope at Hope X

I visited the 2014 Hope X conference at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. Born in 1994, HOPE stands for Hackers on Planet Earth. It bills itself as one of the most creative and diverse hacker events in the world. So what the hell goes on at a hacker conference?


5 Reasons Patriots Revolted That Exist Today

From 1775-1783, Patriots – colonists who favored American independence – organized, fought, and won the American Revolution. And now, just a little over 200 years later, our corporate-owned government is pulling the same shit the Brits pulled on the colonists. So what the hell are WE going to do about it?

Here are five reasons Patriots revolted against the monarchy 200 years ago, which all ring true in today’s oligarchical America. You tell me what’s changed.


How the Opposition Needs to Grow Up

History is littered with examples of our government and politicians lying to our faces and committing immoral actions. I’d say their depravity runs so deep, it’s almost comical, but there’s nothing funny about it. What might be considered comical is our reaction when the news of establishment corruption breaks: inevitably, we are shocked.

When The Man gets caught in a lie or committing a crime against the people, we just can’t believe it. The MSM cycles through outrage commentary after outrage commentary. The Internet turns into an Outrage Machine. Maybe a few people even bother to leave their Matrix Pod-homes to protest for a half a minute. Collectively, though, society acts caught by surprise. As if they didn’t see that corruption coming. And that surprise is what I find most surprising of all.


Raise High Your Middle Fingers, Citizens

Extending one’s middle finger while holding the rest beneath one’s thumb is one of the most ancient insult gestures known, according to anthropologists and historians. I’m a big fan of it, as anyone who’s ever visited me on Twitter knows. The middle Finger has been used from at least Ancient Greek times to present day to express insult or belittlement by cultures around the globe.


WAKE UP: We’re Willingly Going Into Our Matrix Pods

Wake up, people: we are willfully leading humankind into our Matrix Pods. We need to recognize we’re doing this to ourselves and fight it before it’s too late!

I am all for transhumanism, transforming the human condition through technological advancement. I am all for replacing our kneecaps with superior alloy ones. I am all for using The Machines to improve humanity, even transform it to the next level of evolution. I’m too much of a sci-fi lover not to embrace better living through technology.

But if we take a look at the progress of humanity versus the progress of The Machines at this point in time, it becomes clear that The Machines are outpacing us. We are becoming weaker, relying on The Machines more and more, while at the same time building more intelligent, self-sufficient Machines.

The evidence that our technological progress is more for The Machines’ benefit than ours is frightening – and overwhelming. Here are the facts.


Freedom Industries Still Screwing WVA, MSM is MIA

Remember Freedom Industries, the company responsible for the January chemical leak that contaminated drinking water for 300,000 people across West Virginia? Everyone in the media was all over the story, vilifying Freedom and calling for their head. The news media acted like they actually CARED! Cut to a few months later, and everyone seems to have forgotten about Freedom Industries.

But guess what? They just spilled again. TWICE, in two days! At the site where they’re supposed to be cleaning up their mess, they have a collection ditch for rainwater that overflowed for two days straight, which sent runoff right back into the Elk River. AGAIN, putting thousands of residents’ drinking water at risk for toxic contaminants. But this time, news coverage is MIA.


Warning: Our Corporations Are OK With Killing Us

Warning: this story contains immense amounts of stupidity.

America has gone warning-label crazy, and in doing so, is contributing to a rampant lack of corporate accountability. These labels miss the point entirely.

Berkeley wants warning labels on gas pumps.

I’m not kidding: the city of Berkeley, California, wants to put warning labels on GAS PUMPS. The labels would warn people that burning gas releases carbon dioxide and that the state has determined that carbon dioxide emissions cause global warming, which poses a serious threat to the state’s economic wellbeing, public health, natural resources, and environment. They say it’s a great way to increase awareness at point of sale. I say it’s a tub filled with horseshit.


300,000 Californians Just Voted an Indicted Weapons Dealer for Secretary of State

This story is either about how people love to aid terrorists or about how asleep they are. Either way, it’s a doozy! A few months ago, California Senator Leland Yee was arrested for trying to sell rocket launchers and missiles from a radical Muslim group in the Philippines to an undercover FBI agent in exchange for campaign funds. He accepted about $40,000 from federal agents, and in return, he was going to put them in contact with terrorists who could get them weapons, because apparently, he knows how to get in touch with them personally.



Since we’re relying on digitally-written words more, our communication is breaking down more. That could be because studies show that only 7% of communication is based on the written or verbal word. A whopping 93% is based on nonverbal body language. NONE of that gets communicated in a Tweet, or a text, or an email. And that’s how we do most of our communication these days. And somewhere in us, we can feel that disconnection happening. And that is turning us into waffling assholes who are no longer dependable.


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