Apple Refuses to Make Black Emojis…But Racism Is Dead…

What People Actually Know About Bitcoin

NYC Arrests Saudi Artist For Painting Masterpiece

Hey New York, don’t lose your appreciation for art!

Why Can’t Anyone Talk About the New WTC Without Offending Everyone?

You can’t talk or joke about jack shit anymore without the world getting offended. We’ve become a PC, dull, unthinking world.

Nurse Fights For Her RIGHT to Infect, Infect, Infect!

Listen: it’s EXTREMELY AMAZING that this woman went to Africa to help care for Ebola patients. But then to fight quarantine for the incubation period – which, YES, is just a precaution, but still probably one some people in Dallas would have appreciated! – is ridiculous. It exemplifies this growing trend in the US of everyone being a damn victim, whose rights are violated. Our PC, victim culture is killing me, and this woman’s story exemplifies it, in my opinion. Seriously, the Ebola doc in New York is playing the guitar in quarantine, not bitching about rights violations. So dumb.

Secret Recording of Big Oil Smear Tactics Emerges

Redditor Busts Society on its GoPro Addiction

See the boobs? See the headline? I’m a sucker for puns, what can I say? I am also disgusted by society’s use of the Internet as an ID machine, and our GoPro addiction feeds right into that. Luckily, I’m not alone, and a Redditor made a video about it, too.

Wall Streeters Admit Whether or Not They Care About Inequality

If you listen to the media or anyone on Main Street, they’ll tell you Wall Streeters are nothing but greedy jerks who don’t give a fuck about the have-nots. So I went down to lower Manhattan to ask them whether or not that’s true. Fair enough question, right?

When Mean Internet Comments Are Said Face-to-face

This one was sooooo hard to do, but I seriously HATE how the Internet has removed accountability from our social interactions. People say the meanest things to each other online like it’s no big deal, when meanwhile they’d never say such things to a person’s face. It’s changing society, making us all more callous, and that is a bad thing in this Resident’s opinion.

Sexxxy Ebola Halloween Costume

In case you forgot, I hate sexy Halloween costumes. I also hate costumes that are offensive for no good reason. And someone just made an Ebola Halloween costume. So you know what I had to do, right?

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