Hello! I am Lori Harfenist. I wrote my first novel at the age of five. It was entitled Holly The Cat, and it remains a classic to this day. I wrote several more novels as a kid because nothing was more fun to me than locking myself in my room and making up stories.

I started my professional career in 1996 as a junior copywriter at the ad agency Bates USA. I rose to senior level before the turn of the century and went independent in 2001. Over the years, I have written for many agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy, and Deutsch. I won a Clio, a Cannes Lion, and a few other awards for the amazing words I wrote about soap and the like.

In 2001, I started The Resident as a weekly half-hour public access show on NYC's Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN). It aired every Monday night from 10pm to 10:30pm. It featured short segments of me talking to people on the street, doing one-on-one interviews, and ranting to the camera. It was legit.

In 2003, I moved the show to this very website. It was one of only a handful of video websites at the time. In 2006, I uploaded the show onto a brand new video sharing platform called YouTube. They immediately started featuring my videos on their homepage. I garnered over 25 million views and amassed more than 30,000 subscribers. My channel became one of YouTube’s first 75 revenue-sharing partners. They invited me to their offices for input a lot.

At the same time, media outlets began to seek out user-generated content. Many of them saw my videos on the YouTube homepage and contacted me. That is when I moved The Resident to network TV. Over the past 13 years, I have produced and starred in video content for NBC News, CNN, FOX, the Discovery Channel, RT, DIRECTV, The New York Post, and many others. I have paneled on prime time news, been on the Greg Gutfeld podcast, and know way more about how the media works than I never hoped nor dreamed.

After writing for ad agencies, corporations, news outlets, and everyone else under the sun for 20 years, I began locking myself in my room and making up stories again. In 2016, I self-published I, Human on Amazon. I recently finished a new story and cannot wait to share it.

I also make music with my rockstar husband. My ultimate goal in life is to lock myself in a luxury moon base and make up stories while looking out at the most killer view of my home planet.

contact: info@theresident.net