Hello! I am Lori Harfenist, aka one who harfens, and I am a person who gets paid to make videos and write things for different people. I have a great life, and I work very hard!

In the early 2000s, I started “The Resident” as a weekly half-hour public access show on NYC’s Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN). It aired every Monday night from 10pm to 10:30pm. It featured short segments of me messing with people on the street, doing one-on-one interviews, and ranting to the camera. It was legit.

In 2003, I moved my public access TV show over to this very site, where I continued to release new videos every Tuesday and Friday.

In 2006, I moved it once more to YouTube. They immediately started featuring my videos. They invited me to their offices for input a lot. I was one of their first 75 revenue-sharing partners. That’s when “The Resident” became the job.

News outlets decided they needed some of that coooool, user-generated content, so they started contacting me through YouTube. NBC News, CNN, FOX, Discovery Channel, RT, DIRECTV, Gawker, The NYPost, Turner Media — I made content for them all. They’ve all been very nice.

Currently, I’m hard at work on a new book. It’s awesome! I can’t wait until it’s out of my head and into yours! In 2016, I published my book, “I, Human.” If you are a human who reads books, you should check it out!