Hello! I am Lori Harfenist, and I am a punk. People often don’t know if I am being serious or not, in general. I like to keep it that way. Why? I just told you. I am a punk.

In this bizarre society humanity has made, I believe it is my role to question the establishment, whomever or whatever that morphs into as we progress. I take that role very seriously. Or…do I?

I moved to New York City in 1991 to make punk art, and somehow I ended up writing copy for advertising. I was very good at the work, even though it went against everything I stood for, artistically. I was selling the establishment’s dumb products. I had a lot of back pain.

As an outlet for my inner punk, in 2001, I started “The Resident” as a weekly half-hour public access show on NYC’s Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN). It aired every Monday night from 10pm to 10:30pm. It featured short segments of me screwing around with people on the street, doing one-on-one interviews, and ranting to the camera. It was legit.

In 2003, I moved my public access TV show over to this very site, where I continued to make videos every Tuesday and Friday.

In 2006, I moved it once more to YouTube. They immediately started featuring my videos. They invited me to their offices for input a lot. I was one of their first 75 revenue-sharing partners. That’s when the passion project, “The Resident,” became the job.

News outlets decided they needed some of that coooool, user-generated content, so they started contacting me through YouTube. NBC News, CNN, FOX, Discovery Channel, DIRECTV, The Post — I made content for them all. They were all very nice. Currently, I do daily studio commentary pieces for RT America, an international TV news network who is ok with me being a punk. If you’d like to be alerted to where you can find my daily videos, follow me on Twitter or on Facebook.

I also just finished my first book, which I am describing as “George Orwell in Wonderland with robots who sing Led Zeppelin songs.” It is called, “I, Human.” It is by far the most personal thing I have ever released into the public, and it is most definitely punk. If you would like to check it out, you can get it on Amazon, right here!

Thank you for stopping by! This time, I am being serious. I mean it!