Eight Changes

President Barack Obama ran on a platform of change. It’s been a month since he was elected, and though he hasn’t even taken office yet, the world – led by the media – is already demanding to see this change. This is annoying to me, so I thought it was time for some political commentary. People! He hasn’t even taken office yet! Why are we already standing in judgment of how Obama is doing on the job when he isn’t on the job yet? Once again, the real reason is the media and their lovely way of trying to dig a story out of thin air. I know everyone has sponsors to answer to and with the advent of 24-hour news channels, it’s really hard to always be good and always be ethical. But still. Can’t we be a little more creative than to criticize a President Elect? That’s just lame. Once he starts the job in January, then it’s the time to judge him. If he starts screwing up on the job, by all means, critique away. I’ll be the first in line, actually. But let’s just wait til he gets into office, ok? Ok. Thanks. That’s my political commentary for this week. What’s yours?