Global Warming: Brooklyn Style

Some people think that the climate crisis is an inevitable, cyclical shift that is going to happen no matter what humans do, and that Al Gore is an evil mastermind behind his own corporate interest or ego-driven mania, bent on becoming a countercultural revolutionist that eventually takes over our society starting through a cult-ish liberal community and/or youth movement. Some people think the climate crisis is definitely caused by the careless behavior of humans and corporations and that we must all change our high-polluting ways, adopting cleaner, more sustainable, conservative cultural habits if we are to provide a habitable planet for our children. Some people think it’s a little bit of both. And some people don’t think about it at all. Ever. Those seemed to be the people that were roaming the streets of Brooklyn when I went out the other day for this alternative news piece, talking with folks about preparing for the end of the world that we humans are causing. So this video is an instant classic, in my opinion. Because as we move forward into a collective consciousness smitten with “going green”, everyone is going to have an opinion pretty soon.