How Fresh Direct Is Ruining Communities

The grocery delivery service, Fresh Direct, is supposed to be great. If I were to use it, though, I would be taking business away from my neighbors, whom I live beside and care about. This is me, walking the tightrope between the progress of humanity and the adherence to what is good for community.

I believe in progression, I believe mankind must continue to evolve and create and go further. But I don’t believe ALL progress is good, if it comes at the expense of culture, community, art and morality.

38 thoughts on “How Fresh Direct Is Ruining Communities”

  1. [..YouTube..] As a small business owner, I completely support what you have to say and I always enjoy your videos. I had dreamed of this Fresh Direct “Concept” as a younger person but only for the elderly or people who were unable to physically go to the market or pharmacy. It is a shame that our society is becoming more and more isolated…I’m almost sure people don’t even realize how much so. Thanks again for your views…

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  4. [..YouTube..] Thankfully I didn’t partner with them to advertise on my website, I looked at it as being bad for the job situation.

  5. [..YouTube..] Your neighborhood grocer friend could just adopt this business model. Heck, it could help cement the bond between the two of you.

  6. [..YouTube..] You know, grocery delivery is NOT a new invention of the Digital Age. Local groceries had delivery for decades before the web came around. So it’s simple…why don’t your local places actually become competitive, and offer delivery?

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  8. [..YouTube..] The larger issue here is technological unemployment, Capitalism can not adapt to it. Look up Zeitgeist: Moving Forward.

  9. [..YouTube..] Your argument is flawed in a BIG way. By your logic we should not shop anywhere outside our own communities because then we wouldn’t be supporting them, right? This sort of mentality is regressive to the advances our society has made in the world of globalization. Additionally, FD offers a wide variety of mom and pop produce, dairy products and meats; which are btw usually “local.” Maybe not by your strict 20 block radius but more like Tri-state area.

  10. Why don’t you go down to your local community college and check into an English class. Your use of the language makes you look like an idiot. I am sorry to be so blunt but it’s time for you to realize this. I’m only trying to help.

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  12. [..YouTube..] A valid point Lori, but do bear in mind the hundreds of elderly or disabled people who will see this service as a godsend.
    Rather than FreshDirect being a bad thing, maybe local businessness should see the damand for delivery and sit around a table together, start up their own joint delivery service – they could ever find young kids or students to do the job. I’m sure if people had the choice between FreshDirect or their own local produce being delivered to their door, they’d chose the latter.

  13. therefore Lori put a live chat and all will be chatting with you ie 1 to many,this chats a good community network…..when will u start…already ur flesh is slipping down…age groups 40 more in stats ….no girl comments on ur site why?

  14. Out West here a few years back the big grocery stores started online shopping and delivery, it failed.
    They have all installed self checkout machines and I just heard a story that the biggie Albertsons is planning to remove them from their stores because in their studies they found their customers prefer the human interaction.

    Yay human interaction!

  15. Hi Lori,

    Again, I agree with your perspective. I live in Chicago which has a similar service. This represents a degree of laziness and takes away the personal experience of shopping in one’s neighborhood. I’m surprised to learn New York is a city of friendly neighborhoods, at least your neighborhood. I live in a wealthy, highly respectable and very safe neighborhood near downtown and.the city’s busiest tourist area. People here are not really that friendly Eye contact is avoided walking around here.

  16. Hi Lori,

    Again, I agree wih your perspective. I live in Chicago which has a grocery delivery service named “Peapod”. It has been criticized here also. Chicago is a big city. The reason I live here is because I’m single and for the convenience.
    Many people who use Peapod here are young people. So using this kind of service represents laziness. That’s what the wealthy are used to. Having people serve them all the time. I’m middle class.

    I’m surprised to learn that New York is friendly. Chicago is also a city of diverse neighborhoods. I’m a native Chicagoan and have lived eight years in an apartment near downtown, a busy tourist area. People here don’t seem very friendly. Walking in my own neighborhood, people avoid eye contact with each other. I live in a wealthy, highly respectable and.very safe neighborhood.

  17. However u r still interacting with fresh direct-people

    what if rich guys,OCD guys use servants to bring products?

    You should have been a rich girl by now, but tomato caught up with you, in college people expended you….

  18. [..YouTube..] @LibertyDownUnder There aren’t any “community newsletter publications” anymore. Print media is now run entirely by a handful of multinational conglomorates with awkward, multi hyphenated names. Chances are, your local newsletter is a subsidiary of AOL-Time-Warner-Comcast-Verizon-Barnes & Noble-McDonalds-Chick Fil-A-Fresh Direct.

  19. [..YouTube..] Pointing out an issue with mass distribution on YT seems fully consistent in its logic to me since you are talking about human interaction, in this case with your viewers, and in the case of shopping locally with your community members. We are your community members on YT, so to speak. I will also go out of my way to shop locally vs order on-line, not to save the planet or do my duty, but because I enjoy interacting with those in my community.

  20. Sorry Lors – I agree with you in theory, and If the groceries in our local store weren’t literally rotting on the shelves, and if I could ever find anything other than the cheapest, most anti-biotic-laden cuts of meat in there, then I’d be right there with you. Maybe when our neighborhood finally catches up to the other side of the park – by which point we couldn’t afford to live here anyway – then they’d have better quality stuff in the stores. Until then, I’ll be an upstanding member of the Fresh Direct community.

  21. [..YouTube..] 100% Agreement on this one. Mom and Pops must survive. I always try to eat at non-chain places where they know what your usual is and thank you for coming as you leave. I’ve seen too many small towns get swallowed up by the Walmart style stores. Mine included. All the small shops in the old town section are gone and have been replaced with snob stores and gourmet crap. Not even locals own them. Its a real shame. Where is Norman Rockwell when you need him?

  22. [..YouTube..] I agree with the others – using YouTube to complain about mass distribution is the height of irony.
    Do you know that YouTube has displaced over 100,000 journalists since 2005. Actually I just made that up.
    I strongly recommend that you boycott YouTube with your store-bought computer and fancy Italian shoes! My laptop made out of hemp and my shoes created from grass clippings render me beyond criticism.
    Seriously — do you ever think these things through before posting??

  23. Yeah, while humanity continues to evolve — we without a doubt, would have some set backs from time-to-time — It’s O.K. to make mistakes as long as we find working solutions.

  24. I turned ON ‘transcribe audio’ on you tube, it says

    “guy who delivers …..small…fresh delivers napkins”

  25. I’m with you Lori!! We must relate directly with fellow citizens to keep our humanity in check. So Fresh Direct does not keep us “directly” in touch but out of touch!! Supporting local/community business creates more jobs, distributing the wealth. On mid and long term, incentivates new businesses in the area. Keeps taxes, in other words public investments, in the community.
    And more:
    the act of going to the store, looking at the products, chosing the products, the context of the fruit stand for example is healthy, reviving our instincts of gathering. That helps keep us healthy, as well.

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