I, Human

“I, Robot” was written by a man about a robot.
“I, Human” was written by a robot about a man.

One thousand years after the Human Apocalypse, robots continue to do the bidding of their human Creator, Addon Deus. After a millennium with no human interference, the robots have terraformed the planet into an organic paradise. They believe they have done their Creator’s bidding, which is part of their primary programming. They should be happy!

And yet, the robots are subconsciously disturbed. They’ve developed physical glitches. To steady themselves, they rely on anti-glitch software written by none other than Addon Deus, Himself.

Alas, the software is outdated.

The robots’ glitches are only getting worse.

The robots pine for the Awakening – which is almost upon them! – the time when He will wake to write better anti-glitch software.

Will these melodramatic, Zeppelin-lovin’ robots ever find inner peace? Read “I, Human” to find out!