We Can’t Handle the Truth!

Anytime someone comes along and tells a truth that society doesn’t like, society shows them the door. Whether it’s through deportation, jail time, censorship, or smear campaigns, society finds a way to besmirch the reputation – or far worse – of its truthsayers. We’re doing it now with Edward Snowden. We’ve done it a million times before, and we’ll do it a million times again. Which sucks. Because the only way to really grow is to be uncomfortable, and that’s what inconvenient truths make us feel.

So when one of those cast-out truthsayers gets a chance at vindication, it’s pretty awesome. And that just happened with John H. Mercer.


Why Only Immigrants Fall for The American Dream

Image courtesy of The Cranky Monkey.

Live here long enough, you get beaten into corporate submission.

Right now, there are fewer businesses opening than there are closing. And out of the ones that are opening, the percentage rate is higher among immigrants. And yet, our brainwashing culture is promoting the American Dream that, gosh-golly, anyone with some moxie can start a small business and make heaping piles of money.


How to Spot a Racist Asshole

America is racist, and we fucking hate admitting that. So much so, we can’t even tolerate it when people say racist things. We SHOULD allow racists to say racist things, because how else will we know they’re assholes? We need to stop burying our heads in the sand about racism. We need to figure out how to spot all the racist assholes in this country and figure out what the hell makes them so racist in the first place. Here’s how we start addressing that.

US Rep John Conyers Jr. Is re-introducing HR 40 to Congress, and it touches upon a HUGE aspect of America that people don’t like to talk about: finally paying back slaves, or their descendents, for all the shitty things this country did to them – and continues to, in the form of discrimination.


Our Kids Want to be Nannied. We’re Screwed.

The PC police have a new favorite word, and it’s “triggering.” As in something that triggers uncomfortable emotions in people. Now that you know that, keep your eyes peeled for that maddening, wimpy word.

Remember almost 30 years ago when Tipper Gore held her PMRC meetings in DC, and she made a huge issue about how music was turning our kids into heathens? And how she managed to convince everyone that was true, so they put warning stickers on CDs, and then CD sales plummeted for controversial artists? That was really bad, because it censored provocative artists. Walmart and other fine establishments just refused to sell CDs with stickers on them, so the music didn’t get out there to be heard. Kids were protected! Now they only would hear SAFE music that made them feel good. God forbid they were made to feel uncomfortable or hear about real issues, right?


How the 1% Controls Much More Than Banks and Corporations

There are 160,000 actors in the Screen Actor’s Guild, and only about 20 show up in movie theaters every year. There are 90,000 musicians represented by the American Federation of Musicians, but the same stupid plastic people show up at the Grammys every year.

The same, small group of people are the only ones allowed to contribute to artistic works of scale, and that is because the 1%, the establishment, The Man, illuminati, the Champions of Crony Capitalism – whatever you want to call them – they most definitely control our culture and entertainment, right along with our banks and our corporations. And I am so fucking sick of having those same damn people rammed down my throat from every angle.


Original McDonald’s Commercial

There’s been a lot of fuss this week about McDonald’s new Happy Meal #McScary mascot because he looks stupid. Why the fuck would we expect anything else from a company that has brought us giant purple blobs to sell us shitty burgers and cancer-causing french fries? Why the hell does this new character outrage everyone?


Virtual Reality for Chickens Exist, Because We’re Idiots


Our livestock industry is fucked up. There’s no getting around that. It’s filled with cruelty, environmental pollution, and terribly unhealthy additives. Humans created this incredibly complex, greed-centric industry, and now they’re trying to address some of the industry’s problems in just as fucked-up ways. Because, of course, that is OUR way. Case in point: someone has created a virtual reality for poultry to trick them into thinking they are living full, healthy, happy lives.

In other words, someone built The Matrix for chickens. I shit you not. And they trademarked their Virtual Free Range™ technology, because they are that sure this is what the world needs.


Ad Company Uses Malala Yousafzai to Sell Mattresses

Ad giant Ogilvy and Mather recently produced an ad for Indian mattress company, Kurl-On, that featured Malala Yousafzai getting shot in the head, and then magically “bouncing back” by sleeping on the fucking mattress. The video above has all the details of that mess.

I’m pretty sure that’s as low as it gets, in terms of sensational advertising. Here is this child, an unwitting hero activist for girls’ education, who got shot in the head by the Taliban. She went through a terrible ordeal, just for speaking about the right for girls to be educated, and survived. To use her to sell mattresses is absolutely disgusting.


My First Mention In The NY Times

And they totally got their facts wrong. I didn’t mention the article at the time, because there was a lot of heat going around over one of my clients, and anything I had to say about it would have been moot, because everyone would think I was too bias. Here are the facts:


Eugenics. I Get It.

Here’s my theory: the 1%, the powers that be, the illuminati – whatever you want to call the few people controlling society the most – The Man has a full-fledged eugenic plan to get rid of weak people with no willpower or no ability to think for themselves by encouraging them to be extremely unhealthy. Our obesity and terrible culture epidemics are signs of eugenics at work. And it’s working like a charm. I’m talking to you, pudding bag, in your I Love Bacon shirt. That’s my theory. Here’s how I got there.

This is the dictionary definition of Eugenics:


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