The Most Killer Playlist Ever

1. The Song Remains the Same by Led Zeppelin
2. Raining Blood by Slayer
3. In the Lap of the Gods by Queen
4. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp by Led Zeppelin
5. Had a Dad by Jane's Addiction
6. Silver by the Pixies
7. Misty Mountain Hop by Led Zeppelin
8. Fistful of Steel by Rage Against the Machine
9. Chic 'N' Stu by System of a Down
10. Wake Up by Rage Against the Machine
11. Friends by Led Zeppelin
12. I Can't Put My Finger On It by Ween
13. B.Y.O.B. by System of a Down
14. The Toys Go Winding Down by Primus
15. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin
16. Where Is My Mind? by the Pixies
17. Tell Me Something Good by Rufus (featuring Chaka Khan)
18. Mustapha by
19. Dead by the Pixies
20. When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin
21. Subliminal by Suicidal Tendencies
22. The Door by The Sound of Urchin
23. A New Level by Pantera
24. Tribe by Soulfly
25. Bring It on Home by Led Zeppelin
26. Without You by Harry Nilsson
27. In the Lap of the Gods...Revisited by Queen
28. Ramble On by Led Zeppelin